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Working papers

The Effect of Nature's Wealth on Child Health

R&R @ Journal of the European Economic Association
with I. Kim Taveras
Other versions: CEPR 15680NOVAFRICA 2006  |  Coverage: Planeta FuturoExpressoWorld BankVoxEU

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman! Using Mass Media to Fight Intolerance

with P. Atwell, J.F. Gomes, G. Musillo and Y. Schenk
Other versions: CEPR 18207

Public Service Delivery, Exclusion and Externalities: Theory and Experimental Evidence from India

with B. Augsburg, A. Bancalari and M. Ghatak
Other versions: CEPR 18636IFS WP22/16  |  Coverage: El PaisThe Times of India - Hindustan TimesVoxEUVoxDev

Windows of Peace: the Effect of Ceasefires on Economic Recovery

with M. Marending, G. Vysotskaya
Other versions: WIDER WP 2023/35

Can Subsidized Employment Tackle Long-Term Unemployment?

with P. Carneiro, F. Tagliati and Y. Xia
Other versions: CEPR 15192 - IZA 13478