Alex Armand
Vitae Research Teaching Fieldwork

Assistant Professor, University of Navarra

Faculty Fellow, Navarra Center for International Development

Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies


Navarra Center for International Development
ICS - Universidad de Navarra
Edificio de Bibiotecas - Entrada Este, 2ª Planta
Pamplona 31009 Spain

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My research interests are in the fields of applied microeconomics and development, with a focus on education, health and rent-seeking. My main areas of interest are:

    - Women empowerment and gender-targeted transfers

    - Rent-seeking behaviour

    - Education- and health-related policy interventions


Do Public Health Interventions Crowd Out Private Health Investments? Malaria Control Policies in Eritrea
(with P. Carneiro, A. Locatelli, S. Mihreteab and J. Keating), forthcoming Labour Economics
Previous version: The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, WPS 7268

Measuring and Changing Control: Women's Empowerment and Targeted Transfers
with I. Almås, O. Attanasio and P. Carneiro), forthcoming Economic Journal
Blogs: VoxEu - Previous version
: NBER WP No. 21717


The Effect of Gender-Targeted Cash Transfers on Household Expenditures: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
Joint with O. Attanasio (UCL), P. Carneiro (UCL) and V. Lechene (UCL)
IZA DP No. 10133

Intra-household resource control, subjective expectations and human capital investment
NCID Working Paper 03/2015

Coverage: awarded  EALE Young Labour Economist Prize

Demand Drops and Innovation Investments: Evidence from the Great Recession in Spain
Joint with P. Mendi (UNAV)
Latest draft

Are Parental Perceived Returns to Schooling predicting Future Schooling Decisions? Evidence from Macedonia
NCID Working Paper 02/2015


The Reach of Radio: defection messaging and armed group behaviour
Joint with P. Atwell
(UMichigan and NCID) and J. Gomes (UNAV)

On the mechanics of the political resource curse: information and local elite behavior in Mozambique

Joint with P. Vicente (
Nova), A. Coutts (Nova) and I. Vilela (Nova), currently in the field - Project summary

Community toilet use in slums: the role of informational and supply side constraints in Urban India
Joint with B. Augsburg (IFS), currently in the field
- Project summary

Identifying the Effect of Targeted Money Transfers on Women's Empowerment
Joint with with I. Almås (IIES), O. Attanasio (UCL) and P. Carneiro (UCL)

Productivity and rent-seeking in the lab
Joint with D. Aycinena (U del Rosario) and A. Coutts (Nova)

The Chance to be First: Individual resources and child inequality in Rural India

Local Labour Market Shocks and Subjective Expectations: Evidence from panel data

Learning from a Publicly Subsidized Agricultural Insurance
Joint with J. Gomes (UNAV)

Non-cognitive skills and violence among youth: Evidence from Honduras and El Salvador
Currently in the field