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Working papers

Coordination and the Poor Maintenance Trap: an Experiment on Public Infrastructure in India (with B. Augsburg and A. Bancalari)

Other versions: CEPR 16284IFS W21/16 | Coverage: El PaisThe Times of IndiaHindustan TimesVoxEUVoxDev

The Ocean and Early-Childhood Mortality and Development (with I. Kim Taveras)

Other versions: CEPR 15680NOVAFRICA 2006 |
Video: 20min presentationvideo summary | Coverage: Planeta FuturoExpressoWorld BankVoxEU

Measuring corruption in the field using behavioral games (with A. Coutts, P. Vicente and I. Vilela)

Other versions: CEPR 16596 NOVAFRICA 2112

Countering Misinformation with Targeted Messages: Experimental Evidence Using Mobile Phones (with B. Augsburg, A. Bancalari and K. Kameshwara)

Other versions: CEPR 16492IFS W21/27 | Coverage: Ideas for IndiaIGC

Let's Call! Using the Phone to Increase Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines (with M. Fracchia, P. Vicente)

Other versions: NOVAFRICA 2113 | Coverage: IGC

Can Subsidized Employment Tackle Long-Term Unemployment? (with P. Carneiro, F. Tagliati and Y. Xia)

Other versions: CEPR 15192IZA 13478

Does Information Break the Political Resource Curse? Experimental Evidence from Mozambique (with A. Coutts, P. Vicente and I. Vilela)
American Economic Review (2020)

Coverage: World Bank, El Pais, GlobalDev, AEA, Expresso

The Reach of Radio: Ending Civil Conflict through Rebel Demobilization (with P. Atwell and J. Gomes)
American Economic Review

Coverage: AEA, El Pais, RES, World Bank

The Effect of Gender-Targeted Cash Transfers on Household Expenditures: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment (with O. Attanasio, P. Carneiro and V. Lechene)
The Economic Journal (2020)

Coverage: Diario Exterior

Measuring and Changing Control: Women's Empowerment and Targeted Transfers (with I. Almås, O. Attanasio and P. Carneiro)
The Economic Journal (2018)

Coverage: VoxEU, RES, Apolitical, World Bank

Demand Drops and Innovation Investments: Evidence from the Great Recession in Spain (with P. Mendi)

Research Policy (2018)

Do Public Health Interventions Crowd Out Private Health Investments? Malaria Control Policies in Eritrea (with P. Carneiro, A. Locatelli, S. Mihreteab and J. Keating)

Labour Economics (2017)

On-going projects

Local Labour Market Shocks and Subjective Expectations
(with P. Carneiro and A. Toppeta)

Previously circulated as "Are Parental Perceived Returns to Schooling predicting Future Schooling Decisions?"

Countering Islamic Radicalization in Northern Mozambique

(with F. Cunha, I. Vilela, and P. Vicente)

Food Prices and Climate Change

(with I. Kim Taveras)

On the Effect of Ceasefires
(with G. Vysotskaya and M. Marending)

Intra-household Resource Control, Subjective Expectations and Human Capital Investment

Coverage: EALE Young Labour Economist Prize

Identifying the Effect of Targeted Money Transfers on Women's Empowerment

(with with I. Almås, O. Attanasio, and P. Carneiro)

The Chance to be First: Individual resources and child inequality in Rural India